Friday, January 25, 2008

The Conversion of Saint Paul

As our particular patronal feast, we will transfer it to Sunday, but it actually occurs today, the 25th. On Sunday we shall no doubt sing We sing the glorious conquest, so today let us be content with the Pauline verse from the smorgasbordal From all Thy saints in warfare (which has verses for everyone! - pick one for the day at hand).

Praise for the light from heaven, praise for the voice of awe,
Praise for the glorious vision the persecutor saw!
Thee, God, for his conversion, we glorify today;
So change our misconceptions with Thy true Spirit's ray.

Horatio Nelson, 1864; alt.

It's a simple meter, surprisingly (but nicely) linked to
EWING, the tune from the previous blog entry, but other tunes would work, such as WOODBIRD (Es flog ein kleins Waldvögelein), KING'S LYNN, or (if you must) AURELIA.

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