Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Fold, One Faith, One Hope, One Joy

In memory of the Savior’s love
We keep the sacred feast,
Where every humble, contrite heart
Is made a welcome guest.

One fold, one faith, one hope, one joy,
One God alone we know;
As kindred all, let every heart
With kind affection glow.

In faith we take the bread of life,
Christ's presence is made known;
The cup in token of a love
For all God's people shown.

In faith and memory thus we sing
The wonders of that love,
And so anticipate by faith
The heav’nly feast above.

Thomas Cotterill, c. 1805; Isaac Watts v.2; adapt.
Traditional American melody

Another communion hymn, one we chose for our planned hymnal. I don't remember where we found it, but someone had gotten to it before us and made some changes from the original as well as adding the second verse, and calling it "anonymous." Years later, a Google search reveals that the verse is by Isaac Watts, taken from a different hymn (one not listed at the Cyber Hymnal), but the meter was changed with the addition of a few words. The Internet would have made a huge difference if we had had it back then.

The American folk tune LAND OF REST has also been used to set some parts of the communion liturgy, as well as for another modern hymn for the Eucharist, hymnwriter Brian Wren's I come with joy to meet my Lord. I think there's room for two hymns with the same theme and the same tune.


Leland Bryant Ross said...

How do you make Brian Wren out to be Australian? He was born in England, has spent most of his life in the UK, has (since 2000) been a professor at Columbia Theological Seminary in Georgia, and is married to a woman from Montana. I'd say that makes him slightly more American than John Wesley, but no more Australian than Ruth Duck.

I agree that LAND OF REST can support more than one supper hymn; it can also be sung as a descant to NEW BRITAIN with "Amazing Grace" (the Christian Life Hymnal, Hendrickson, 2006, sets the text to both tunes on facing pages), or alternating stanzas between the two.

Speaking of tunes, anent MORECAMBE (infra s.v. Corpus Christi), we sang "Spirit of God, descend upon my heart" to it last night; very powerful and prayerful tune.


C.W.S. said...

must have been thinking of someone else - fixed now