Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mending Our Fisher Nets

One of the readings today was Luke 5:1-11, with Jesus bringing an enormous catch of fish to fis disciples and explaining its wider meaning. This hymn brings that experience and that calling to us, the modern congregation.

Holy, holy, holy, Christ, thy disciples
Gather in devotion to sing and speak of thee:
Holy, holy, holy, beautiful and gracious,
Still in our hearts we dwell in Galilee.

Holy, holy, holy, still in the morning
Mending our fisher nets, we hail thee by the shore;
Friend and guide and brother, by the wells of evening,
Deep from thy voice we drink thy healing lore.

Holy, holy, holy, Lord, thy disciples
Ever through the ages live again because of thee;
Holy, holy, holy, all thy ways we follow,
From Bethlehem to bleak Gethsemane.

Percy W. MacKaye, 1920; alt.
Samuel Sebastian Wesley, 19th cent.

Short entry today; I'm off to the Cathedral of St. John The Divine to sing a Choral Evensong with about 130 other singers this afternoon. Should be much fun!

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Dorothy said...

Much fun, indeed! Have a wonderful time, C.W.S.!