Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saint Mary the Virgin

Let today above all other
Brightly shine; of Jesu's Mother
Now we celebrate her fame;
For, the Virgin Mary praising,
We today our songs are raising,
Bringing honor to her name.

All Earth's daughters she excelleth;
In the heav'ns where now she dwelleth
Christ her loveliness doth own;
Virgin, yet her Maker bearing,
In a mystery past comparing,
Maid and matchless Mother shown.

Unto our Creator glory,
Unto Christ, whose earthly story
With our Lady's is entwined;
Glory to the Spirit ever
Sing we with our best endeavor
All our strength of heart and mind.

Latin, 12th cent.; tr. T .I. Ball; alt.
Tune: COBB (
Gerard F.Cobb, 19th cent.

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