Sunday, May 5, 2013

In New, Bright Raiment Clad

Another hymn for Rogation Sunday and a general celebration of the Eastertide themes of spring and renewal:

The glory of the spring, how sweet!
The new-born life, how glad!
What joy the happy earth to greet
In new, bright raiment clad!
Divine Redeemer, thee I bless;
I greet thy going forth;
I love thee in the loveliness
Of thy renew├Ęd earth.

But O! these wonders of thy grace,
These nobler works of thine,
These marvels sweeter far to trace,
These new births more divine:
This new-born glow of faith so strong,
This bloom of love so fair,
This new-born ecstasy of song,
And fragrancy of prayer!

Creator Spirit, work in me
These wonders sweet of thine;
Divine Redeemer, graciously
Renew this heart of mine.
Still let new life and strength upspring,
Still let new joy be given;
And grant the glad new song to ring
Through the new earth and heaven.

Thomas Hornblower Gill, 1867
George Job Elvey, 1887

P.S. - In my church today,. one of the scripture readings included the story of Lydia (Acts 16: 11-15), which always brings to mind this hymn and the additional stanza that I once wrote for it.

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