Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Trivial Round, The Common Task

Just some administrative notes and referrals today.  Post title, of course, is from this hymn.

Check out the online Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology if you have not discovered it yet. This project was conceived as a successor to the classic Dictionary of Hymnology (1892) by John Julian, but the modern scope is much broader than a single book could contain. As described on the webpage, the online Canterbury includes more than 4000 entries written by more than 300 people, from 30 countries, and is regularly updated with new entries added. Full access requires a paid subscription, but they make three random entries available each day for free. A daily grab-bag of hymnological knowledge!

If you have ever thought about attending a conference of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada but could not do it for various reasons, you can now get a small taste of the experience through several regional hymn festivals that the Society is planning in the upcoming year. One may be near you!

The Facebook page for this blog is finally up and running (at Conjubilant W. Song).  It's apparently easier to access that way for some people - I get as much traffic from Facebook now as from anywhere else.  I don't see Twitter links in the future, though.

Also, just FYI (who knows, there may be readers nearby...), the hymn festival below will be held on September 27 at St. Paul's on the Green Episcopal Church in Norwalk, CT (60 East Avenue), led by yours truly.  We'll be singing hymn texts spanning more than four centuries (several previously discussed here), to a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar tunes (including two of my excavated tunes by 19th century women composers).

Seven Years Ago: Horatio Parker

Six Years Ago: Horatio Parker

Five Years Ago: Horatio Parker

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