Sunday, October 4, 2015

Our Morning and Our Sun

O God, your world is sweet with prayer;
The breath of Christ is in the air;
We rise on your free Spirit’s wings,
And every thought within us sings.
You are our Morning and our Sun,
Our work is glad, in God begun;
Our foot-worn path is fresh with dew,
For you created all things new.
O God, within us and above,
Close to us in the Christ we love,
Through him, our only guide and way,
May heavenly life be ours today!

Lucy Larcom, 1892; alt.
Francois H. Barthelemon, 1785

Hymnwriter Lucy Larcom overcame a difficult youth of manual labor to become a
teacher, editor, and a widely-published poet and author. In this text she widens the
concept of God with the names of "Morning" and "Sun."

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