Monday, November 30, 2015

Saint Andrew

The feast day of Saint Andrew, found on the calendar of saints today, November 30, was placed there centuries ago so that it would be at or near the beginning of Advent, since Andrew is considered to the the first (chronologically) of Jesus' disciples.  So the First Sunday of Advent is always the Sunday nearest November 30 (either before or after).

Unfortunately for Advent Apostle Andrew, this means that his feast day is unlikely to be celebrated on a Sunday these days, because the choices are either the first in Advent or the Feast of Christ the King the Sunday before. Also, midweek services for saints' days are more and more rare, so he probably has fewer services in commemoration than some other saints, despite his "first" status.

We know from scripture that Andrew caught fish for a living, which explains why they are included in the picture here.

By all your saints still striving,
For all your saints at rest,
Your holy name, O Jesus,
Forevermore be blessed!
For those passed on before us,
We sing our praise anew
And, walking in their footsteps,
Would live our lives for you.

We praise apostle Andrew,
The first to welcome you,
The first to lead his brother,
The first disciples true.
With hearts for you made ready,
We watch throughout the year,
And strive to join our comrades,
And own your Advent near.

We pray for saints we know not,
For saints still yet to be,
For grace to bear true witness
And serve you faithfully,
Till all the ransomed number
Who stand before the throne
Ascribe all power and glory
And praise to God alone. 

Horatio Bolton Nelson, 1864; alt.
William H. Ferguson, c. 1910

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