Sunday, April 17, 2016

Flowing, Ever Flowing

Back to the topic of water today, on my mind because of a hymn festival on this theme which I will attend today (see the flyer below) in Brooklyn at the historic Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims.

Today's song comes from Spiritual Songs (1908), a collection published in Chicago by the Christian Witness Company. It originally appeared with another tune called LOS FELIZ by John M. Harris, the book's editor, but I like this tune by John Sweney better because it varies the rhythm of the lines a bit more.

Oh, this well of living water
Springing up within my soul,
Gives me blessèd satisfaction
While the changing seasons roll;
And in Jesus’ love rejoicing,
Still a song of praise I bring,
For the blessèd gift of heaven,
For this ever-living spring.

For this well of living water
That is flowing now for me,
Songs of praise and adoration,
Jesus, may I bring to thee.

From the depths unknown ’tis flowing,
From the depths of Jesus’ love,
It was purchased by the Savior,
Gift divine from heav’n above;
Christ alone can give this water,
Whosoever will may come,
Quench our thirst from this pure fountain,
And from Jesus never roam.

So the blessèd news I’m spreading
Of this dear life-giving spring,
Ever pure and free ’tis gushing
As my Savior’s love I sing;
It is flowing, ever flowing
In this grateful heart of mine,
And my tongue shall tell the gladness
Of this matchless grace divine.

W.V. Miller, 1908; alt.
Tune: HILLSDALE ( with refrain)
John R. Sweney, 1884

Author W. V. Miller (as listed at the Cyber Hymnal site) may be the same person as Will V. Miller (listed at as author of a different song published earlier). 

Click on the tag below to see several more hymns on the "water" theme that have appeared here on the blog, some familiar and others less so.  And who knows, someone reading this may just be in Brooklyn and free to join us this afternoon.

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