Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trinity Sunday

Creator holy, merciful, and loving,
Jesus, Redeemer, ever to be worshipped,
Life-giving Spirit, Comforter most gracious,
God everlasting.

Three in a wondrous unity unbroken,
One perfect God-head, love that never faileth,
Light of the angels, succor of the needy,
Hope of all living.

All of creation serveth its creator;
Thee every creature praiseth without ceasing;
We, too, would sing the psalms of true devotion;
Hear, we beseech thee.

Great God almighty, unto thee be glory,
One in three Persons, over all exalted;
Thine, as is meet, be honor, praise, and blessing,
Now and forever.

Latin, 11th cent.; tr. Alfred E. Alston, 1903; alt.
Poitiers Antiphoner, 1746

Eight Years Ago: Lead us, great Creator, lead us

Seven Years Ago: Holy! Holy! Holy!

Six Years Ago: I bind unto myself this day

Five Years Ago: O Trinity of blessed light

Three Years Ago: Mighty Creator, merciful and tender

One Year Ago: Sound aloud our highest praises

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