Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Feast of the Ascension

On Olivet a little band
Around their risen Savior stand:
And after charge and blessing giv’n,
He passes from them into heav’n.

Wistful their eyes, but angels twain
Cheer them with glorious words: “Again
One day shall Jesus even so
Return, as ye have seen Him go.”

Whom have we, Christ, in heav’n but thee?
Like ships safe moored on stormy sea
Our souls in peril, with thee there
Find anchorage of hope and prayer.

Set loose from earth, and evermore
Fast bound to that eternal shore,
So all our life and love shall be,
Ascended Savior, ris'n with thee!

Samuel J. Stone, 1866; alt.
Tune: MENDON (L.M.)
German melody; arr. Samuel Dyer, 1828

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