Sunday, July 29, 2012

Works of Love Surpassing Measure

Psalm 145 is one of the texts appointed for today in some lectionary cycles.  Today's psalm paraphrase, adapting the first ten verses,  is by Bishop Richard Mant of the Church of Ireland, published in his Book of Psalms in an English Metrical Version (1824).

God, my King, thy might confessing,
Ever will I bless thy name;
Day by day thy throne addressing,
Still will I thy praise proclaim.

They shall talk of all thy glory,
On thy might and greatness dwell,
Speak of thy dread acts the story,
And thy deeds of wonder tell.

Nor shall fail from memory’s treasure
Works by love and mercy wrought;
Works of love surpassing measure,
Works of mercy passing thought.

Full of kindness and compassion,
Slow to anger, vast in love,
God is good to all creation;
All thy works thy goodness prove.

All thy works, O God, shall bless thee;
Thee shall all thy saints adore:
King supreme shall they confess thee,
And proclaim thy sovereign pow'r.

Richard Mant, 1824; alt.
Christian F. Witt, 1715
adapt. Henry J. Gauntlett, 19th cent.

The shortened summer service at my church does not include the reading of a Psalm, but we are singing this today (and few will realize that it is from today's missing reading).

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