Sunday, March 3, 2013

Healers, Prophets All

Today's hymn continues on the theme on "non-Lent" Lenten hymns.  There is a contemporary movement afoot in some places to emphasize the life of Jesus as an example to us during this season, rather than a focus on fasting and penitence and the unworthiness of sinners.  However, most well'known Lenten hymns are in that second column.

This text is an adaptation, even perhaps might be called a renovation of this older text often used during Lent and Holy Week.  I with an editorial collaborator took it apart and reassembled it in a different way, but it still feels like a Lenten hymn in some ways, and the tune remains familiar to many, though much of the original text is no longer present.

Glory be to Jesus,
Who, in Galilee,
Spoke of love and justice,
Truth to make us free.

Grace and hope eternal
In Christ's life we find;
Blest be his compassion,
Infinitely kind.

Blest through endless ages,
Is that voice, so clear,
Challenging oppression,
Prejudice and fear.

Let us pledge together,
Answering Christ's call;
Let us be like Jesus,
Healers, prophets all.

Let us lift our voice,
Joined with saints above,
Louder still and louder
Praising Jesus' love.

Italian, 1815;
tr. Edward Caswall, 1857
adapt. J.M. & C.W.S., 1990
Friedrich Filitz, 1847

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