Thursday, April 13, 2017

Maundy Thursday

When th'apostles with their Friend,
One last supper would attend,
Then his parting word he said,
Blessed the cup and broke the bread,
"This, where'er you do or see,
Evermore remember me."

Years have passed, in every clime,
Changing with the changing time,
Still the sacred table spread,
Flowing cup and broken bread,
With that parting word agree:
"Drink and eat, remember me."

When, in this thanksgiving feast,
We would give to God our best,
Then, O Friend of humankind,
Make us true and firm of mind;
Pure of heart, in spirit free,
Thus may we remember thee.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, 1878; adapt.
Tune: ARFON (
Welsh (or French?) melody, 19th cent.?
arr. Hugh Davies, c.1906

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