Friday, July 11, 2008

My Strength and Shield

Depending on where you are right now, you may want to sing along.

Guide me, O thou great Redeemer,
Pilgrim through this barren land.
I am weak, but thou art mighty;
Hold me with thy powerful hand.
Bread of heaven, bread of heaven,
Feed me till I want no more.

Open now the crystal fountain,
Whence the healing stream doth flow;
Let the fire and cloudy pillar
Lead me all my journey through.
Strong Deliverer, strong Deliverer,
Be thou still my Strength and Shield.

When I tread the verge of Jordan,
Bid my anxious fears subside;
Death of deaths, and hell’s destruction,
Land me safe on Canaan’s side.
Songs of praises, songs of praises
I will ever give to thee.

William Williams, 1745; tr. Peter Williams 1771
John Hughes, 1907

Now that's a hymn that really should be more than three verses long. Actually, there are two more, but I don't think anyone uses them. The three we know fit together quite well, recounting a journey both earthly and spiritual, while the other two verses are more general in nature.

Slow week at the blog - not many birthdays or other commemorations in the first part of July. This works out well because I will be traveling next week, though I do hope to post a little bit (one very significant birthday next week at least). Things should pick up later in the month.


Leland Bryant Ross said...

So what congregation is this? Everyone indeed seems to be fully engaged in the singing, which makes me wonder if it was a Hymn Society convention or something rather than an actual church congregation. It was indeed a glorious YouTube!

Leland aka Haruo
who has just been singing LOLhymns
V. 3 of "All Fings Brite an Purtyful" is my favorite

C.W.S. said...

Oh dear. I suppose it was inevitable, though, after they got their paws on the Bible.

According to YouTube, this is the choir and congregation of the Morriston Tabernacle in Swansea, Wales. For some reason I also believe it's from the British TV series Songs of Praise, so maybe it's just that all the singers show up when they know they're to be on the telly.

Dorothy said...

Now that was really fun...and inspiring!!

C.W.S. said...

It's a different video now - had to be changed when the original one was pulled from YouTube.