Sunday, August 26, 2012

Because God Leads the Way

In many churches today one of the assigned readings was Psalm 34. Today's hymn by Presbyterian hymn writer and composer Calvin Laufer is not really a paraphrase of that psalm, but it takes some of its language as a starting point.

O magnify the Lord with me,
All ye that bear God's name;
Whose faithfulness and sovereignty
Forever are the same.

God is the soul’s unfailing spring,
Its full orbed summer noon;
The autumn of its harvesting,
Its winter’s restful boon.

All times and seasons of the soul,
Revolve God's will around;
The universe itself pays toll
To make its life abound.

So is its life secure and free
Because God leads the way;
At length it shares eternally
With God the perfect day.

O sing with me, both young and old,
Of God's unchanging ways;
And let God's goodness manifold
Forever be our praise.

Calvin W. Laufer, 20th cent.; alt.
Tune: MAGNIFY (C.M.)

Calvin Weiss Laufer (1874-1938) was for many years the editor of musical publications for the Presbyterian Board of Christian Education and worked on several hymnals and songbooks, including the denomination's Hymnal of 1933.   Unfortunately, his hymns are no longer much used; I believe that only his tune HALL is included in Glory to God, the new Presbyterian hymnal coming out next year.

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