Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Songs In the Night

New mercies, new blessings, new light on our way;
New courage, new hope, and new strength for each day;
New notes of thanksgiving, new chords of delight;
New praise in the morning, new songs in the night;

New wine in our chalice, new altars to raise;
New fruits for the harvest, new garments of praise;
New gifts from his treasures, new smiles from his face;
New streams from the fountain of infinite grace;

New stars for our crowns and new tokens of love;
New gleams of the glory that waits us above;
New light of his countenance full and unpriced --
All this be the joy of our new life in Christ.

Frances Ridley Havergal, 1879; alt.
A Compilation of Genuine Church Music, 1832

This text was originally titled "A Happy New Year to You." For many years, its author, Frances Ridley Havergal  (whose birthday I missed earlier this month) sent out a New Years' poem such as this to her correspondents. We have seen two others on the blog in previous years:

The composer of the familiar tune FOUNDATION has never been identified since its first appearance in A Compilation of Genuine Church Music (1832), edited by Joseph Funk (where the tune was named PROTECTION) and published in Virginia.

Onward to another year at CWS, and our upcoming fifth anniversary.

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